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Monday, November 19


Oregon Jesuits will pay $50 million to Alaskan abuse victims in remote areas. The settlement covers 110 people but there were hundreds of children who were sexually abused by "religious" predators. One of the victims attorneys said "that in some villages, it is difficult to find an adult not violated by men who used religion and power to rape, shame and then silence hundreds of Alaska Native children." What's astonishing is that the Jesuits don't have to admit to wrongdoing. The leader of the Oregon Jesuits was disappointed that lawyers disclosed so much of the details because it maybe detrimental to healing. feh.

The Jesuits are a Catholic religious order. This is the largest payout by a religious order ever.

My biggest problem with Catholics is that they try to cover everything up. If predator priests are charged with sexual abuse, it ought to be made public and the case brought to a grand jury. Why do they think that perverts are drawn to the priesthood?

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