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Monday, November 5

Tom DeLay: He's Baaaaaack

In the most ludicrous article I have read in a long time, Tom DeLay targets US liberals in media war it is reported that he will "launch a national grassroots movement to combat the liberal activists who he believes outfoxed and outmaneuvered Republicans to win the 2006 mid-term elections."
Funded by undisclosed Right-wing backers and inspired by the successful tactics of his liberal foes, thousands of recruits to the Coalition for a Conservative Majority (CCM) will be trained and mobilised to wage political war in meetings, online and in the media.

In one tactic borrowed straight from the opposition playbook, CCM volunteers will be issued with video cameras to pursue Democratic politicians in the hope of capturing a so-called 'YouTube' moment if they say or do something embarrassing or contradictory.

"In my business and political life, I have always believed you should study and learn from the enemy," ...
Blah blah blah he goes on to talk about "Democrats" and liberals as if they are some kind of organized, magnificent PR force to contend with akin to Karl Rove. But we all know that he is just making junk up because the fascists always, throughout history, accuse the humanity lovers of using their own fascist tactics- although it wouldn't be a bad idea to use their tactics at this great unraveling of the American Republic.

But how many of us freedom fighters consider ourselves Democrats? Really? I'm no Democrat. We're kind of stuck with them as our only hope to fight the fascists, but they have let America down.

Tom Delay has no clue whatsoever that liberal or progressive activists have no leader and no talking points. We have no mass media other than the internet and our views are varied. Who the hell is George Soros anyway?

Check out this quote by the delusional Delay:
"By contrast, the Democrats are the most united of any party I've seen in years. Hillary Clinton is clearly favourite to win this election."
Get the hell outta here! How hilarious is that? Hey Tom, the corporate media selected Hillary four years ago. The article also mentions that Lady Thatcher is one of his heroes. Good Lord.

Dear Tom,
Go back into your hole and stay there. You are irrelevant.

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