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Monday, November 19

This WTF Moment Is Brought To You By The Letter "R"

For "Rape."

CNN has unveiled this amusing little story of the legal and judicio-religious shenanigans going on inside our great and friendly ally, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Allow me to sum up:

In October 2006, a 19-year-old woman and an unidentified man were allegedly assaulted and the woman gang-raped. The court at trial sentenced the woman to 90 lashes as punishment, and gave her jail time. When she protested and went public to the media about it, the judge increased her sentence to 200 lashes and 6 months in jail. When her lawyer protested and took it to the media, he had his attorney's license revoked.

Allow me to repeat:

A woman who was raped was punished by the court, first for being in the same area with an unrelated male (a violation of the Islamic law, or sharia, that is the basis of Saudi jurisprudence), and second for speaking out about the injustice of it.

And these are our allies, ladies and gentlemen.

The mouthpiece du jour for the Bushite Junta made watery statements that they found the decisions "astonishing," but apart from a certain level of viewing with alarm they will do nothing. It's hard to do anything, even criticize, a "friend" who has your balls firmly in their pockets. One can only hope that the woman and her lawyer can get through this (he has an upcoming hearing that may result in his disbarment and suspension for 3 years).

And I really think we need to start finding some new friends.

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