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Wednesday, November 21

Swift Boating Is Ba-aack

Everyone knows that bush is and never was fit for command. He has proven it over and over. Look where we are! It boggles the mind.

While John Kerry wasn't my favorite Democratic candidate in '04, I still believe that he would have made a much better president than what we have. We'd be out of Iraq by now. We wouldn't be talking about nuking Iran. I was sorely irritated during the campaign of '04 when Kerry didn't stand up to the Swift Boaters. It left me confused. Al Gore's silence when the election was stolen from under his feet in Florida, as well as Kerry's silence when proof that he may have won Ohio give me reason to believe that there are greater powers at work than anyone could imagine. These powers give meaning to the phrase, "money talks," more than I can fit in a blog post.

In the Boston Globe today, an article claims that swift boater, T. Boone Pickens (now there's a name that Yankees can laugh at) has issued a challenge for anyone to disprove his allegations. He'll pay $1 million dollars. Kerry accepted the challenge last week. Jerome Corsi stated that he is willing to defend his book, "Unfit for Command." Read more here. Really.

When I think of how much press these jerks got before the elections and that our country was once again stuck with the anti-christ himself, the human embodiment of evil, who couldn't command an ant farm, I can only hope that they will be totally discredited and charged with treason for conspiring to steer our country towards more tyranny.

I happened to like that John Kerry spoke out after the Vietnam war, thank you very much. This doesn't sit well with war profiteers does it? Too bad. War sucks. It makes young men do horrible things in the name of the State. Screw the State when it's acting on behalf of evil enterprise. It's not like some other country invaded ours and we had to defend ourselves. If another country invaded the US, you could bet your bottom dollar that this menopausal blonde would be an armed insurgent and would assist our military in any way possible. Baby, I would run an IED factory in my garage. That's the big difference. For me, anyway.

That this issue comes up again, makes me ill because Bush was AWOL and the media won't make an issue of the facts which prove it. They choose to vilify those who make the charges rather than seek the truth which is something that the media is supposed to do in a democracy. But it's water under the bridge, I suppose. John Kerry went to Vietnam and served his country. War mongers who make an issue of the medals he received, is a slap in the face to the other veterans who received medals. I was taken by surprise that other veterans didn't rise up against the swift boating because it tarnished their service as well. Doesn't anyone get this? Or am I dreaming?

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