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Monday, November 5

Something I Don't Understand . . .

Remember a couple of months ago when Israel blew up "something" in Syria, and the something turned out to be an alleged nuclear reactor site. The whole thing was very hush hush and nobody spoke publicly about it. The Bushleague malAdministration didn't even confirm it for a week or two. You hardly heard a peep from any of the Arab countries, from European leaders, from the media. It seems only a few people want information about the bombing: for example, the IAEA wants to know about it so they can figure out whether Syria violated the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty; and, interestingly, some Republican members of Congress are eager to find out what really happened and why.

Why on earth would the Idiot-in-Chief want to keep quiet about a nascent nuclear program in a Middle-Eastern dictatorship, which supposedly (and I think almost assuredly) is responsible for fostering terrorism in Lebanon and Israel? Isn't Syria supposed to be a puppet regime of the Evil Empire, Iran? Isn't Tehran supposed to call all the shots in Damascus? Isn't Tehran supposed to provide funding to Damascus for all those groups like Hezbollah?

The problem is, the technology at the site that was bombed did not come from Iran; it came from North Korea. So that leads me to several other questions.

Haven't Darth Cheney and his neocon buddies been catapulting the propaganda regarding Iran's so-called nuclear weapons program? Doesn't it make sense that if Iran is developing nukes, they would share the technology with their pal, Assad? So can someone explain to me why, if Iran has or is developing nukes, Syria had to get their technology from North Korea?

Thanks in advance. It's all so confusing to a Blonde.

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