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Friday, November 9

So this is how they fight terrorism in Pakistan?

It has been reported in this country that bush called Musharroff and urged him to hold elections as soon as possible and put an end to the martial law. It is reported that bush also urged him to remove himself as head of the Pakistani Army. Musharroff then widened the crack down on the opposition party jailing thousands and putting opposition leader Benazir Bhutto under house arrest in anticipation of a rally on Friday. In addition, Musharroff said that elections would be held on February 15th and not any sooner.

Most Pakistanis are angry at Musharroff's decree of martial law but most are afraid to come out and protest for fear of being jailed and not being able to work. It's no wonder people are afraid of being arrested because the "elite" who have done so have been arrested, beaten and tear gassed by the hundreds so far.

And here in America, 15,000 people want to be taken off the terrorist watch list but the DHS is backlogged. 6 year old John Anderson of Minnesota is on the list.

Doesn't it always seem that when a dictatorship is fighting "foreign terrorists" that they ultimately corral up their own citizens?

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