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Thursday, November 15

So now the majority of Americans are radical and irresponsible according to the WH

Think Progress reports that Last night, the House of Representatives voted 218-203 to pass a $50 billion funding bill for Iraq that would require withdrawal of most U.S. troops from Iraq to begin within 30 days of the bill’s enactment, with a completion goal of Dec. 15, 2008.

The AP reports that the bill was on shaky ground between conservative and anti-war Democrats. I heard on the radio this morning that the Senate won't go for this and bush will veto it. 203 representatives obviously think that our troops should risk their lives for war profiteers. Screw them. I am taking names.

Now for the stinking pile of manure from the WH:
Here's a link to a press briefing by Dana Perino yesterday before the bill passed. It's the typical gobbledy gook we've all grown accustomed to since birth from the WH spin machine plus the usual nonsense which "explains" that by not giving the president his money for his war takes money from our troops shpiel. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And how pray-tell will we pay Blackwater to kill people without answering to anyone?

I don't care what she says about Democratic leadership, because I don't have kind things to say about them either, but she accuses Dems of appeasing "radical groups." I take issue with this lie. From her opening statement:
Once again, the Democratic leadership is starting this debate with a flawed strategy, including a withdrawal date for Iraq, despite the gains our military has made over the past year, despite having dozens of similar votes in the past that have failed, and despite their pledge to support the troops. And once again, they plan to send the President a bill that they know he will veto. This is for political posturing and to appease radical groups.

Fuck flawed strategy. It's not a game anymore. Ms Perino, who is a disgrace to her gender would never send her kids to war. The WH is playing with people's lives and it is immoral.

I'll give them RADICAL.
Radical implies fringe group. The majority of the American people can't be radical. It is the tiny percentage of war mongers who are radical. It is the job of our representatives to appease the majority.

Later on during the Q&A, Ms Perino said that the radicals belong to groups like Code Pink and Move On. What a crock. Do the majority of Americans belong to those groups? Have they heard of them?

Perino also said of the bill's supporters (the majority of the American people) that "Pulling the rug out from under our troops now is the height of irresponsibility."

That last statement was the height of irresponsibility and an outright lie.

Have we ever lived through a presidency that was ever this divisive and played such nasty politics with the media? I don't think so. I don't remember in the past 50 years all this Democrats vs Republicans crappola and even when the Dems were in the majority, there was no such thing as towing the party line.

They are downright rude in the WH and I refuse to be insulted by such a bunch of ideologues. I will therefore embrace my 'radical' label as I did the dreaded "liberal" label, even though I do not belong to any radical group, nor is Kos my guru. I figured out just how crooked this administration was all by myself and that was before I found out that there were so many like minded people out there.

Americans don't have to join a group to be against imperialistic wars for fun and profit. They don't even have to know what imperialistic means. They just have to read the papers or watch the news- any news. After a while people just get sick of being constantly terrified or threatened. So while the media spins the news to support the neo-con agenda, it has gotten easier to see, even for casual observers, that when certain people say something, you can assume that the opposite is true. duh.

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