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Monday, November 5

Reviews from Short Attention Span Theatre


Network. *****
Oh man. Definitely worth seeing again. How did they know?
Holy shit. The more things change, the more they stay the same. How did they know?
Gory as hell. Fabulous jewelry and costumes- I can't say enough about that.
Blood Diamond****
Unbelievably terrifying but compelling.
The Birds*****
Still a masterpiece and better in color.
East of Eden- directors cut****
Left me thinking about what is good and what is evil.
Judgment at Nuremberg***
It may happen again.
The Sandpiper****
Love Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.
The Family Stone**
Diane Keaton's role in this disturbed me. Maybe it was her hair.
Reno 911 the movie


Guys From Area 51
New blog by Comandante AgĂ­ featuring Culture Ghost, El Serracho! and Frederick
Great graphics and good content.


Saturday Night Live
Host Brian Williams hosted. In a skit about the debates, he mentioned that he would be mostly interviewing Hillary since the media had already selected her. Making a joke about the rape of our democracy by the corporate media was in poor taste. What next? Waterboarding jokes?

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