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Thursday, November 15

Reminiscing about tv 40-50 years ago...

Blackdog at Big Brass Blog wrote a nice rant and talked about the Wizard of Oz. Like who Is the man behind the curtain? Well we know it's not bushie.

But I wanted to talk about the Wizard of Oz as a movie we watched as kids. I won't get all philosophical about it. The film was televised once a year around the same time when I was growing up. We didn't have any way of seeing it outside of that yearly experience... and isn't it interesting how we learned the story so well including the dialogue and the songs? There were quite a few movies like that including The Birds which I finally saw in color on the wide screen television a week or so ago. Come to think of it, I saw the Wizard in color for the first time not that long ago.

I was telling my son about The Wizard of Oz being on once a year a few days ago when we were watching HBO on demand... about how we survived during the black and white television era with only a couple of channels which didn't cater to kids except on Saturday morning... and when literally NOTHING was on, especially if you woke up really early because your parents put you to bed before dark. Good Lord, do you know what was on at the crack o' dawn in the 1950's here? Victory at Sea and the silent as well as boring Farmer Gray cartoons. What a way to get kids to turn off the tv and go outside.

What else do you remember?
I am trying to think of simpler happier times despite the fallout shelter drills. (wow, that just led me to another topic)

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