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Tuesday, November 6

The Purple-ing of America- is that a word?

The news from the Advocate this morning delighted me. There is in fact a "gay demographic explosion" in some of the country's reddest regions. This could have serious political ramifications. The number of same sex couples in the US has quadrupled since 1990 and is growing at a rate 21 times that of the population.

Very interesting:
Conservative regions where George H.W. Bush's support in the 1992 presidential election exceeded his national vote average all had above-average increases in same-sex couples since 1990. Conversely, regions where Bill Clinton's support was above his national vote average all had increases of same-sex couples below the national average.

The Williams Institute study also found that state recognition of same-sex couples was inversely related to increases in the number of same-sex couples reporting their relationship. From 2000 to 2006, states that created formal recognition of same-sex couples had below-average increases, while states that prohibited marriage between two people of the same sex experienced above-average increases in same-sex couples.
Lots more at the link.

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