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Wednesday, November 14

Of Mice and Men

I know that a lot of middle aged men read this blog (and we love you!), so check this out.
Low-Carb Diet May Slow Prostate Tumor Growth
TUESDAY, Nov. 13 (HealthDay News) -- In mice, a low-carbohydrate diet slowed prostate tumor growth, possibly because fewer carbohydrates leads to a drop in insulin production, U.S. researchers say.

"This study showed that cutting carbohydrates may slow tumor growth, at least in mice. If this is ultimately confirmed in human clinical trials, it has huge implications for prostate cancer therapy through something that all of us can controls, our diets," lead researcher Dr. Stephen Freedland, a urologist at Duke University Medical Center, said in a prepared statement.
Comment: I switched to a diet of very low carbs recently (20 grams/day) and in a very short time (a couple of days) I felt enormously better and lost weight too. (And no I didn't load up on steak- there are lean proteins out there.)

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