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Friday, November 16

Obligatory Friday Sex Post

Christian Archie Comics. Never heard of them. In fact 19 titles were released by Spire comics between 1973 and 1984. I started college in 1973 which would account for my not knowing about these little gems.

I grew up with the sexy Archie Comics in the early 60's and then became a feminist.

Below are some excerpts from Archie's Date Book(1981) (PDF). Date Book's quite a change from the earlier comics in that women are not viewed only as large breasted, vapid, bimbos, yet the message is delivered in a creepy way (if you click on the pics, they should open larger so you can read them.)

Betty prefers using the Bible as a date book in this episode.
The Bible? The Bible where Lot offers up his daughter to the townsfolk who want to rape his visitors?
The Bible where Lot's daughters eventually get him drunk and rape HIM?
The Bible? My favorite dirty book when I was a kid?

See Archie and pals walking through the sleazy sex district of their town sneering at the titillating marquis that mess kids up? Hmmm. What are they doing walking around that part of town? And what are the kids doing watching adult fare on television? Just to sneer at it? Kind of reminds me of those holy people who pore through porn in order to censor it. yeppers.

On this page, one of the kids is perusing an adult bookstore in order to look disapprovingly at it. Then you see what happens if you don't sneer at evil things. You end up in the morning after a night of passion with some guy you cannot even bear to look at due to your overwhelming guilt. This is in the bible? I don't think so. Did Lot's daughters look him in the eye the next morning? The strip (I said, "strip," heh) goes on to teach what God really wants. He wants our dates to lead to joy, unselfishness and respect. No shit, Sherlock. But I didn't read that in the Bible. No normal person wants to date in order to feel worse the next day. But as someone who grew up Catholic, playing the God card is often used as a motivator or de-motivator. Fear of hell and all that...

Note that staying pure is the answer. But living the bible? Yikes. Sounds like a lot of battles and anguish.

Below, we see the results of purity in dating.
God's love gets rid of guilt. Wow, he must hate Catholics and Jews.
Going steady with Jesus. Now THAT is blasphemy. I'm sorry. It's like the nuns telling us that they were married to God.
Note that Jughead still prefers food to humans.

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