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Thursday, November 29

GOP Debates Prove They Are Simply Not With the Program

This article in the Boston Globe regarding the GOP debate last night left me feeling like the GOP candidates have little to offer any large group of American voters. It started off with Rudy accusing Romney of having a "sanctuary mansion" in Mass because he employed illegal aliens to cut his lawn. Oh for gawd's sake, can you imagine having to card your landscaper's helpers? I can't. I don't. Plus they couldn't understand me anyway. Rudy should talk. And it's not like white American born citizens are knocking my door down to cut the grass, rake the leaves, prune the trees, fix the sidewalk, etc. The GOPers are all over the immigration issue but none of them have a solution to it... there probably isn't one. It's more about what to do with the immigrants who are already here vs what to do about the borders. Their charges against each other were all ridiculous. Perhaps if the laws already on the books were enforced, it would be a start. Some of these guys would have to rewrite the State of Liberty's mission.

Then you have the candidates arguing about which one is most conservative. That's a real turn off except to a minority of actual voters and most of them don't even understand what it is to be conservative. It's no wonder that Huckabee is pulling out ahead of the others. He might be a religious nut, but he is not terribly conservative when it comes to social issues except that he is probably the only honest anti-abortion candidate. The rest of them are paying lip service.

They are all still anti-gay for the military. McCain mentioned that this shouldn't be argued in a time of war which is ridiculous considering the military has resorted to recruiting stupid people and criminals to fill the ranks lately. (oh how I wish I could moderate debates)

Then they went on to support gun rights except for Rudy who feels that gun ownership ought to be regulated (the one thing I agree with him on.) No, I wouldn't feel more secure if everyone was packing heat. There would be a blood bath here in NY. I prefer that someone who is angry at me just tell me to fuck off.

Then they discussed the bible. Anyone with half a brain ought to avoid that subject because even among your 'religious' Americans, there are so many religious sects because no one can agree on how to interpret the bible.

As a former Republican, I would have to say that once again, the GOP offers nothing to the lives and issues of American voters at large. They will certainly not win over any non Republican voters.

I never voted for a Republican president in my life, come to think of it.

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