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Wednesday, November 28

Favorite News Site Hacked

Down below in the comments to the tobacco post I wrote:
"Anybody else UNable to bring up"
Well, here is a post from the site's proprietor Laura Knight-Jadczyk on her blogsite Postcards from the Edge of Reality:
SOTT.NET Hacked Again!

"Yes, SOTT has been hacked again - second time this month. And this time, after we paid extra fees to ensure security.

"Just so our readers know, we have had to move our site about 6 times in the past 5 years. On a couple of occasions it was due to hacking; a couple of times it was due to the fact that "someone" started pressuring our service provider to dump us. A couple of times, they didn't dump us, but service that had formerly been good became non-existent.

"Seems like somebody - or a LOT of somebodies - really don't want us on the internet. I think we must be the most attacked and harassed website on the net. I guess that means we must be doing something right!

"We are presently working on solving the problem and will be back online as soon as possible."

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