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Saturday, November 10


A post on Crooks and Liars (great name for a blog, by the way) posits that George W Bush is doing such a good job of lowering our moral standing, besmirching our reputation, crippling our military and foreign policy, and destroying our economy that it would make sense if he were acting as the paid agent of some foreign power or organization.

I disagree.

It's not Bush.

I saw an interview of Bush back in 1999 and shook my head. No way, no way in Hell that this idiot could become President.

Well, I've been wrong before.

A ways back in my blog I referred to Bush as Johnny Iselin, the bombastic but otherwise clueless Senator from the movie The Manchurian Candidate and played with great verve by James Gregory. Iselin's antics acted as a distraction while the Communist plot to subvert the United States Government from within was carried out.

Bush is a distraction, put into office by design to distract our attention away from where the real power is being wielded and the malevolent designs are being brought to fruition.

Look at the people around Bush, more specifically the people in the rows behind the front rank, and you'll see who I mean. Better yet, look at who's standing behind the Vice President, the bloated Richard Cheney.

Neoconservatives who want power so badly that they're willing to wreck our system in order to erect a new one "that will make martial law seem like anarchy" (a great line, caressed by the loving lips of Angela Lansbury in the movie). Almost Trotskyite in their zeal to "spread democracy" with tons of bombs and the blood of our fighting men and women, and almost Stalinist in their drive for greater power and secrecy.

Add to their number those who might consider their libertarian views 'utopian,' but use it as a cover to destroy our faith in government by privatizing it and letting so-called 'market forces' drive policy. Hey boys, news flash - the underlying purpose of government - ALL government - is to protect its citizens. Or have you forgotten Katrina?

Then there's the theocratic element, and I really don't have enough vitriol on this very pretty day to expend on them. As seriously dysfunctional as this country is, the LAST thing we need is a state religion. If that ever occured, it'd be a great idea if we asked some state with a little maturity (like France) to kindly look after our nuclear arsenal until we've got things sorted out.

Anyway, just my opinion.

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