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Tuesday, November 6

Bush slaps the wrist of Musharroff

"It's not that easy to be a dictator Mr Bush," she mumbles under her breath.

"Experts" warn that the imposition of emergency rule in Pakistan could actually fuel and aid Islamic extremists allied with al Qaida and the Taliban. Not only that, isn't it a coincidence that the Pakistan Supreme Court were about to rule that his "re-election" was illegitimate?

The emergency rule has inflamed lawyers in Pakistan opposed to the dictatorship. Since the media is under government control, your ordinary Pakistanis are not fully aware of what is taking place.

Thousands of attorneys took to the streets after the deposed chief justice called on them to protest the emergency rule. This authoritarianism has sparked worldwide outrage against Pakistan but only the Netherlands have ceased providing financial aid to the country. Thousands of lawyers who are protesting the martial law and the firing of judges not loyal enough to the dictatorship have been beaten and arrested by police. It is getting ugly. See more pictures.

Strange bedfellows.
What does Bush say about this? Well he told Musharraff to lift the state of emergency and hold elections as soon as possible. But he didn't threaten to cut off aid to Pakistan. Since 9/11, Pakistan has received more than 10 billion dollars in US military assistance.

Dana Perino according to Think Progress said that the "administration is “deeply disappointed” by the measure, which suspends the country’s constitution, and the WH believes it is never “reasonable” to “restrict constitutional freedoms in the name of fighting terrorism”"

You're laughing right?

Well think progress outlined some of the ways that the Bushistas were able to undermine the US Constitution without actually having to suspend it. Maybe Bushie will give Musharraff some private advice on maintaining a dictatorship without causing such a scene.

Question. Am I the only one who was surprised that Pakistan was deemed an ally after 9/11?

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