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Tuesday, November 6

Bush caught in a huge lie. We do torture.

I stayed awake for Keith Olbermann's special comment last night. I just as well could have gone to sleep because I knew that Crooks and Liars would have it today.

It was long but this was the gist of it and it's important:

In 2004, acting Assistant Attorney General, Daniel Levin underwent waterboarding himself at a military base to see if it was torture. He determined that it in fact was torture and wrote it down for all to see.

This contradicted the words of President Bush who repeatedly claimed that "we do not torture" (despite the pictures from Abu Ghrab.) Mr Levin could no longer be trusted to lie and cover the asses of the Bush Administration and was fired.

George Bush is lying when he says that the US does not torture. He knows that we do and he approves of it. This is a crime and he should be punished.

Watch Keith or read the transcript at Crooks and Liars.

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