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Tuesday, November 13

Another I.D.iot

When I attended high school in Florida back in the 70s, the word 'evolution' didn't appear in biology textbooks. Everyone knew what "biological changes over time' meant; they just didn't come out and say it. Now the Florida Department of Education is seeking to change the standards, including actually admitting that such a word as 'evolution' exists. This move has some support.

Unfortunately, Polk County School Board member Kay Fields objects because the schools will not be teaching 'intelligent design' alongside evolution.

I direct Ms. Fields' attention to the court decision in Kitzmiller v Dover, in which the judge in the case (by the way, a conservative Republican and Bush appointee - effectively squelching all talk of "activist judges") pointed out that even the 'intelligent design' experts and apologists admitted, under oath, that the putative 'designer' was the God of Christianity. Therefore, the judge concluded, 'intelligent design' was just as blatant an attempt to establish religion in the public schools as 'creation science' was twenty years ago.

You see, 'intelligent design' turns the scientific method on its head by stating a conclusion, then finding evidence to support that conclusion without changing the conclusion in any way. Evolution, on the other hand, started out with a theory, then evidence was gathered to support the theory (altering the theory as needed) and ending with a conclusion, Any new evidence can alter the conclusion, or discard it entirely.

There is no "teaching the controversy" or "both sides" to this; one is religion, the other science.

I want to applaud Ms. Fields' efforts to further degrade the education system in our county. Only through continued obscurantism to muzzle science and mindless rote memorization to pass standardized tests can we achieve -

That's the question, isn't it? What is Ms. Fields trying to achieve here?

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