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Friday, November 9

Abstinence Only Education is Failure

Newsday reports this morning that Abstinence Only Education is not Curbing Teen Sex as if that is some sort of surprise to anyone who's ever been a teenager. What galls me is that millions of our tax dollars are poured into these useless programs by a government that pays lip service to caring about morality as it builds the most nukes in the world. Sometimes it even seems like there is a conspiracy to breed more poor people here in the states.

A recent study shows that a more comprehensive sex education program has positive results. Perhaps reasoning with teens works. Duh.

The report, which was based on a review of research into teenager sexual behavior, was being released Wednesday by the nonpartisan National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

The study [National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy] found that while abstinence-only efforts appear to have little positive impact, more comprehensive sex education programs were having "positive outcomes" including teenagers "delaying the initiation of sex, reducing the frequency of sex, reducing the number of sexual partners and increasing condom or contraceptive use."

"Two-thirds of the 48 comprehensive programs that supported both abstinence and the use of condoms and contraceptives for sexually active teens had positive behavior effect," said the report.
Well yeah. I could have told them that. You can vow up and down to remain a virgin and sign pledges until.... that one moment.

Of course teaching teens that it's best to be in a loving committed relationship before having sexual relations is a good thing for millions of reasons (and we are having a pretty cool chat about that in the Men's Reproduction Rights post below) anyone who is human and was a fairly healthy teen knows that stuff happens. I read this story that NYS received $11million in funds to teach abstinence only education. Catholic Charities got $250,000 in grants to teach abstinence only education. How nice. But at least they are kind to you once you get AIDS.

This story in the Dallas News which reports that Texas teens lead the nation in having babies. In fact 25% of them are having their second or third baby. However they are number 5 in percentage rate of teen pregnancies in the country. Texas legislation makes it very hard for young people, especially minorities, to get the proper information about avoiding pregnancy if you are sexually active. It's a very interesting article worth a read as it compares Texas to another large state, California which offers contraception to teems without parental permission as well as teaching kids that it's best to delay sexual relations.

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