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Wednesday, November 7

ABC News: Bye-Bye Bernie?

Kerik Indictment Expected by Friday
"If the indictment is leveled against Kerik, it will be the latest twist in the tale that began when the child of a prostitute rose to police commissioner of New York City, achieved heroic proportions in the shadow of the collapsing World Trade Center, was gifted a diamond-encrusted chief's badge, awarded millions of dollars in stun gun stock options by business clients and given the proffer of a presidential appointment by President George Bush to head the Department of Homeland Security."
"Giuliani was a staunch supporter of Kerik's nomination by President Bush to head the Homeland Security Department. That nomination fell apart amid allegations that Kerik, while corrections commissioner, paid less than $18,000 to a contractor for nearly $200,000 worth of renovations to his apartment. In 2006, Kerik pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges related to the renovation.

"It was a mistake not checking him out as thoroughly as I should have," Giuliani told the AP about the failed nomination."

It would appear from this that Rudy doesn't have a chance at the presidency. I mean, after all, saying something like, "It was a mistake...." Boygeorge, who has NEVER been wrong (just ask him) must be really ashamed of you.
More at the link.

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