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Sunday, October 28

you have GOT to get up, GO OUTSIDE ....and take a look to the east!

I can't believe my eyes!!

read all about it!!!

6:15 am -- (i'm baaack)

here come some more pics!!!
(Liz - I'm having a blast -- I never knew how simple it was to load pics (I can finally show every one pictures of my cats oh noooo!!!! ) thanks for those great instructions - you're such a good teacher - I wish I knew how to make the music play on MOG (that music blog that I belong to) cause I have THE perfect song........

you know the one -
it's about jupiter aligning with mars

maybe it IS the dawning of the age of america (?)

I was just reading up on mars when I came in from the deck. I forgot that Mars was the god of war. He was considered to be the second most important Roman deity, Jupiter was the 'chief.'

and did you know where Jupiter lived??

His temple was on the Capitoline Hill.

(crap - blogger won't load the pics now. you can check out these scary dudes at the link)

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