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Sunday, October 14

The "Will of Christ" is really quite political

Take my civil liberties, please.

The SBC, Southern Baptist Convention, 16 million of the finest Americans Jesus can buy are being groomed to be the lean mean fighting machine in order to convince the rest of us that we need "christian" laws in this country-- laws "opposing legal abortion, gay rights, hate-crimes laws and stem-cell research and supporting "court-stripping" legislation and other efforts to make it harder to pursue church-state separation claims in federal court."

Oh goodie. Not only that, the leaders of the SBC are going to try to train their sheep to shut down the congressional switchboard with an overload of calls when an "important" issue comes to light.

Way to get the rest of the American population to think you're a bunch of nutjobs.

Jesus in the Gospels said something about opposing hate crimes, didn't he? Oh wait, no. Nevermind.

What's court stripping? Probably not as sexy as it sounds.

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