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Monday, October 22

Why are the American soldiers fighting women and children?

Oh what a tangled web we weave...

Residents of Sadr City were ambushed by US troops that killed 13 civilians, wounding 52 according to locals. What did some have to say?

"Why are the American soldiers fighting women and children?"

"I have seen the dead children. We are a peaceful people. We are just sitting in our homes. We don't want anything to do with the Americans. Just leave us alone."

The US Military reported that they killed 49 in Sadr City. They were supposedly targeting a "militia chief responsible for an extensive Iranian-backed kidnapping ring." They didn't find him in the early morning surprise raid but left him a message. A witness described the aftermath as "a bombed-out primary school, several destroyed shops and 18 burned cars. U.S. gunfire prevented firefighting vehicles from reaching the area."

The violence is worsening in the northern Kurdish region near Turkey. This looks like it could escalate. Kurdish rebels stormed the Turkish border and killed 17 troops there. The Turks are shelling villages along the Iraq border. "Now Turkey is taking Saddam Hussein's place," a resident said. "We were displaced from our village for 10 years, but we have rebuilt our homes and rehabilitated our farms. Now where should we go?

source Washington Post

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