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Monday, October 22

WHEW! That's a relief!

The headline at REUTERS reads: "Gold falls 1.5 percent on profit-taking".

Uh, extracting some of the Blondesense intuleckshooul powers learnt to me real good by my beloved sisters here at the blog, I take this opertoonatee to ask, "Duz this meen that whin a stock or cummodatee goes UP, da process shood be referred to as 'loss-taking'?"

Hey, all youse econumists out dere, da Your-a-peein' and Azhun stocks look like de're headed into the shitter too, with Jakarta's markets setting the day's record by falling 4.31%. Kin anybody fix me up wid one o' dem Jakarta babes dat's enjoyin some of this "profit-taking"?

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