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Friday, October 26

War For Fun And Profit

David Brookswas the Long Island guy who made so much money selling crappy flak jackets for our troops that he threw an $8 million dollar bat mitzvah for his underdeprived daughter, complete with rock stars and celebrities, but that the only thing the news had to say about it at the time was that it was excessive... nothing about the fact that he was a dirty filthy war profiteer.

Why did the feds crack down on him now? Not because he looted the government, but because he looted the company and his investors. sheesh. Well yeah, that's serious, but more investigation turns up information that our troops were screwed over... but nevermind, that isn't in the story.

The story is that he lived a very lavish lifestyle and charged it to his company which really charged it to his country, thank you very much.

Sure he's a criminal but the real criminals are Bush and Cheney. When will they be charged?

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