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Wednesday, October 31

UFO's. Oh my.

I missed the news earlier that it was brought up in the Dem debate last night that Dennis Kucinich was asked about seeing a UFO. The wingers are having a field day with that one because he questioned bush's mental health when his should be in question (they say.)
Tim Russert asked the question:

"Shirley MacLaine writes in her new book that you sighted a UFO over her home in Washington state," Russert said, "that you found the encounter extremely moving, that it was a triangular craft, silent and hovering, that you "felt a connection to your heart and heard directions in your mind."

Kucinich said yes, all of that was true. And he defended it as a solid policy position.
I would like to note that in other accounts of this story, he didn't say Yes, all of that was true. There are various versions of this out there. So take the news with a grain of salt.
More Americans have seen UFO's, Kucinich quipped, than approve of Bush's presidency. He deadpanned that he plans to open campaign offices in Roswell, New Mexico.

Moderator Tim Russert helpfully noted that 14 percent of Americans report having seen a UFO.

"Thank you," Kucinich said, nodding at the ackowledgment that he is not alone.

But the exchange led to a serious crush of questions for Kucinich in the post-debate spin room.

Reporters sought details: When exactly did Kucinich see this UFO?

"Twenty-five years ago," he said, sounding perturbed. "More than 25 years ago."
Oh you shouldn't hang out with Shirley if you have political aspirations. Her notions are as way out there as religious fanatics I know.

I would have to disagree with that UFO poll as most people don't report UFO's because others will think you are nuts. In fact, Kucinich's sighting only came to light when MacLaine released her new book.

A couple of years ago in December around 1am, this tremendous triangular metallic orange glowing thingy flew right over my home as I was walking up the driveway towards my house after checking out Orion. It was flying low and at least as big as a house. It traveled rather slowly and made no sound except for a low frequency hum. I made a mental note of it as I observed it so that I could draw it when I got inside the house. I saw that it was foreshortened as it traveled away from me which helped me conclude that it was not much higher than the trees.

I didn't call the cops (as it wasn't shooting death rays) but I went on my local astronomy yahoo group immediately to see if anyone saw it because everyone was out that night photographing the Orion Nebula. No one saw it and a few asked me if I had been taking drugs that evening. Since the thing was flying so low, it was unlikely than any of them saw it unless they were in the immediate area. I checked with 2 air traffic controllers I know who work a mile from me. Nope. Nothing on the radar. Oh well. Probably something 'stealth' I surmised. It didn't look completely unlike some of those crazy flying machines that the AF comes up with, but I have not found a match as of yet.

Anyway, I mentioned to my doctor what I saw and showed him the sketch which was more detailed than I could describe it in words then as well as now. I was very matter of fact. It was a creepy experience and it's silence was unsettling. A month later he asked me if I was still seeing 'flying spacemen'. I never suggested that it was an alien spacecraft or mentioned aliens.

So there you go. A perfect example of why people don't always report what they see- because others are quick to put words in your mouth that you had never uttered and quick to label you a quack when you experience something a bit out of the ordinary unless it's a religious vision that tells you to bomb another nation or tell the country that a hurricane is a specific punishment from god because of homosexuality and abortionists.

And another thing, I didn't see anyone in the media knocking those Republican candidates who proudly raised their hands when asked who didn't believe in evolution.

UPDATE: Thursday Nov 1:
I should have posted my description of the eerie sighting ages ago. But then again, I was sick of people thinking I was batshit crazy.

Thanks to reader and commenter Patriot, I believe that I may have identified what I had seen that cold December night- A B-2 stealth bomber. Or something like that. The orange glow it took on in one of the pictures at wikipedia and the drawing of the underside of it sort of match my drawing although there were angular protrusions on the sides of it. Patriot mentioned that it flew silently at a low altitude. aha!

Since the air traffic controllers that are responsible for the whole NY metropolitan area work within a mile of my house and they didn't see anything, it definitely made me think of a stealth bomber which I had read about but hadn't seen pics of the underside.

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