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Friday, October 26

The truth will not set you free in the US

Today in the sinking democracy of the United States, academics, civil rights and social justice are notions deemed "anti-American" by the radicals who have taken control. Good people who hate the fascists and war pigs are deemed "dangerous" and bad people who hate good people are called "Christians." Pretty ironic. The truth is on the side of the "radical left" these days.

For example, FEMA held a fake news conference today. FEMA employees posed as reporters and asked softball questions. Shame shame. Sounds like the USSR.

But in good news, Rummy ran into some trouble in France today. He was slapped with a torture lawsuit. I heard it on the news on my way home from happy hour. I remained happy.

PS, I was wondering since the PTB have lumped everyone who doesn't agree with the dismantling of the US Constitution as the far do we refer to actual far left radicals?

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