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Wednesday, October 31

Plan to Require Evolution To Be Taught in Florida Public Schools

Well thank God.

I had no idea that Floridians were denied proper life science classes. I'm floored.
Read the story here.

Highlights on the arguments from the story:
Jonathan Smith, a Lakeland resident and a representative of the National Center for Science Education, a nonprofit group critical of intelligent design, helped write the new standards.

"It (new standards) closed the door on any ambiguity" about evolution, Smith said. "There isn't both sides. There is only one side as far as science is concerned." That side is evolution, he said.

But Mickey Carter, pastor at Landmark Baptist Church in Haines City, said the revisions will be a disservice to students.

He said there should be a balance between both intelligent design and evolution.

"We are denying freedom of ideas, speech and shutting down one side," Carter said. "The kids ought to be able to study both sides of it so we don't just turn out a bunch of rubber-stamped robots in the classroom."
Obviously Mr Carter didn't learn science and must have been looking in the mirror when he spoke of 'rubber-stamped robots.'

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