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Tuesday, October 16

Picture this

I'm sitting at my desk reading the news shortly after dawn (7:30) on this cool October morning.

Outside my east facing window against the blue morning sky, a bright red male cardinal sits atop a pyracantha laden with red-orange berries. He pecks away at the berries and sings for me- "chip"-"chip"-"chip". Staccato.


I wonder how things are in Baghdad.

General Sanchez, who must be reading liberal blogs, called Iraq,"a nightmare with no end in sight."

He said that the troops are in danger: "While the politicians espouse a rhetoric designed to preserve their reputations and their political power, our soldiers die."

And he criticized the war mongers: "Too often, our politicians have been distracted and they have chosen loyalty to their political parties above loyalty to the Constitution because of their lust for power."

The war monger party, who "support" our troops as long as they keep their mouths shut and kill and be killed as they're told, fired back at Sanchez.

Now back to the birdie.

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