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Tuesday, October 30

On The Evangelical Crackup

I'm not gloating after reading this article in the Sunday NY Times Magazine about the emergent theology rising from the ashes of the conservative evangelical movement.

I'm happy. Welcome back to humanity!

I secretly prayed that the millions of sheep would awaken and begin to think about what they were reading in the Gospels and compare it to what their so-called leaders were telling them to believe in. Religion is not a matter of what you are against but what you are for. Banning stuff you don't like doesn't change hearts and minds. Being negative all the time breeds more negativity. Mixing religion and politics gives you politics.

After all, if you consider yourself a Christian then you are supposed to ally with Jesus Christ whose main concern was social justice and looking out for one another. I haven't seen that in the Republican Party in years and years and years. All you get is more politics and elected officials who may have meant well at one time eventually succumbing to the party and not what is in the best interests of those who actually voted for them.

Young evangelicals are heeding Jesus' call for social justice, peace, love, ecology and human rights. What a better world it would be if more people stood for these positive things. Looking out for your earthly brothers and sisters makes you feel much better than constantly pointing out the sins of one another- and it makes others feel better about themselves too. How can it backfire if millions and millions of people participate?

What do we want?
When do we want it?
-My favorite hymn

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