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Saturday, October 27

Obligatory Friday Sex Post- 4 headed monster

NewScientist: Exhibitionist spiny anteater reveals bizarre penis

Excerpt: Four-headed phallus

Then Steve Johnston of the University of Queensland in Gatton, Australia, and his colleagues inherited a male spiny anteater that was not so shy. The creature had been ‘retired’ from a zoo as it produced an erection when being handled at public viewing sessions.

By filming this animal, the researchers have been able to describe the unique spiny anteater erection and ejaculation behaviour for the first time.

The spiny anteater's four-headed phallus had been puzzling scientists. "When we tried to collect semen by [electrically-stimulated ejaculation] before, not only did we not get a single drop, but the whole penis swelled up to a four-headed monster that wouldn't fit the female reproductive tract, which has only two branches," says Johnston.
Well thank god for science. I never would have guessed. And thank god they retired the little critter for being sexually aroused in public or we'd never know this.

hat tip to Paul A. via BoingBoing via New Scientist

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