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Monday, October 15

My Two Cents on Al Gore

I think Mr. Gore ought to continue doing what he's doing currently instead of running for POTUS. If he really wanted to be president however, he shouldn't even have to run again. He should just be installed because he did win the 2000 election (even though it's unlikely that THAT would ever happen).

What bugged me in 2000 and bugs me now is that he chose LIEberman to be his running mate. He could have had an undisputable victory in 2000 without the LIEberman ball and chain. Perhaps more people would have voted in that election. Was it really his idea to choose LIEberman or was he instructed to do so by the PTB? I don't believe that LIEberman would have been another Cheney if they had been installed... but still... what was that all about?

Well that's just my opinion and of course, I may be wrong and will change it.

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