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Thursday, October 25

Love and Hate. Why I am Rooting for the Red Sox

How dare I root for Boston in the World Series?
Why not? It's a northeastern team. Don't we usually root for the team closest to us in proximity? I said usually. That's why I am a Mets fan primarily.

But we HATE the Red Sox because we're New Yorkers!
Hogwash. Why should I root for the Rockies when no one in the northeast could even name a Rockie before the playoffs? And would the die-hard Yankees fans root for the Mets if they were in the series?

Poo on the New Yorkers who shun me for rooting for the Red Sox. And if the Rockies win, then good for them... but I guess I am not such a rabid sports fan.

Can we really hate something unless we cared about it in the first place?

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