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Friday, October 26

The "Godalmighty, maybe the stupidshit isn't as stupid as I thought he was" quote of the week:

It's by Henry Paulson. In a REUTERS article about oil reaching $92/barrel, he says, "It's not a positive for the economy". Whuddja expect Henry? With the way your fellow gobbledongers in the administration have been running off at the mouth about what a threat Iran is to world peace and stability, I'm only surprised the price hasn't already passed $100, but I'll wait a few days.
Uh, it's not some sort of "fix", is it Henry? You know, boosh and shamey ranting and raving about attacking Iran, with no intention of actually doing it, just to drive the price up on oil and all energy products with Winter coming on?

(Shit! There I go again with another conspiracy theory. Maybe Joizeygoil made me do it with her Blackwater Post down below.)

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