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Monday, October 15

Et tu NYC?

Rather than use locally harvested wood or recycled plastic that looks like wood, the NYC Parks department has opted for wood from the pristine Amazon Rainforest- the lungs of the natural world-- wood that is illegally logged to boot. Not only that, for every exotic, 'desirable' tree harvested in the rainforest, 28 other trees are felled and thrown away because the exotic trees only grow one or two per acre.

In fact, for "New York City's 10 miles of boardwalk alone, over 110,500 acres (130 square miles) of old growth Amazon rainforest were logged." There are a lot of park benches and boardwalks in NYC. New York City is one of America's biggest destroyers of the Amazon Rainforest! For what? New Yorkers don't care what kind of wood they plant their non-transfatty asses on in a park. Does it matter to beach goers that the very best wood on earth is under their feet? Must exotic woods be used as railroad track ties in the ickiest subways in America? Why not use recycled plastic "wood-like product" for these outdoor venues? A splinter free environment is not a bad thing even if you don't give a hoot about ecology.

Most American cities have banned the use of tropical hardwood for their municipal projects. So what is up with the NYC Parks Department and Mayor Michael "Mr Green" Bloomberg?

Much more information at the link.

Shame. Shame.
Time to write some letters.

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