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Thursday, October 25

Cue al Qaeda

You can't turn on the TV without seeing the horrific tragedy taking place in California. Men fighting against nature doing what it does is no easy task and there is no mercy. Fire is probably the most scary thing. You can't hide. You can't climb up a tree or on your roof. You have to run and even when you think you might be safe, a fire tornado could happen and all bets are off.

I saw this story on Countdown last night, but I just love Buzzflash's account of it:
"This morning on Fox News, hosts of the show Fox and Friends blamed the wildfires in California on a new culprit: al Qaeda." This is called demagoguery. It is the stuff that lynch mobs are made of. But if FOX is right -- which it isn't -- then Bush failed at fighting them over there so that they wouldn't attack us over here. If so, then just bring the troops back, because they are needed in California. 10/25

The stupid idiots at Fox and Fiends pointed to a 2003 FBI memo that didn't even mention California as a target... but hey let's just make this event scarier, why don't we? Actually to make it scarier, all they had to do was mention that it may have been home grown arson.

The LA Times has a lot of stories about the situation.

Anyway, I am rooting for the Bush administration and hope that they won't fuck up whatever they need to do for the people of California. Please. Not another Katrina.

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