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Saturday, October 20

Can the Energizer Bunny Swim?

From the AFP:

"A prototype wave energy converter has begun harnessing electricity from Atlantic waves off the west coast of Ireland, the Wavebob company said on Tuesday.
"A "Wavebob" floating buoy device that automatically adjusts to the size of the waves to maximise the amount of power it produces is undergoing trials off Spiddal, County Galway.
"This is a giant leap forward for renewable energy production in Ireland," said Wavebob chief executive Andrew Parish.
"As an island in the middle of the energetic Atlantic Ocean, Ireland can be to wave-energy what Saudi Arabia is to oil....At full scale, each Wavebob device will be capable of producing in excess of a megawatt -- enough electricity for 1,000 homes."

Some folks think that all that melting of fresh water from Greenland and the Arctic into the Atlantic is gonna blow the Gulf Stream to hell and gone, which might trigger a mini-ice age for the Northern hemisphere. Here's an interesting website for Gulf Stream watchers: Current velocities of the Gulf Stream.
And from the editors at Signs-of-the-Times comes this frightening little ditty: "Wake The World Up Campaign.
I will leave it readers to speculate as to whether or not this knowledge and technology will be suppressed by the big oil companies.
Thanks and a tip of the hat to Kevin at Cryptogon.

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