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Friday, September 28

A Word From My Inner Mommy

What if they gave a war and nobody came?

Oh how I wish I could afford to save kids from joining the military under this commander in chief- I wish I could get them all into college or trade school. They say that the military makes men out of boys... but I wonder. What kind of men does it make when they are sent off to war? Dead or fucked up.


A 23 year old is being court-martialed:
Sgt. Evan Vela, 23, spoke barely above a whisper as he recounted shooting the man on May 11 near Iskandariyah, a mostly Sunni city 30 miles south of Baghdad.

Vela said Staff Sgt. Michael Hensley of Candler, N.C., told him to shoot the man, who had stumbled upon their snipers' hideout, although he was not armed and had his hands in the air when he approached the soldiers.

"He (Hensley) asked me if I was ready. I had the pistol out. I heard the word shoot. I don't remember pulling the trigger. It took me a second to realize that the shot came from the pistol in my hand," he said, crying.

Vela said that as the Iraqi man was convulsing on the ground, "Hensley kind of laughed about it and hit the guy on the throat and said shoot again."
(See Soldier tells of shooting unarmed Iraqi)

I grieve for the innocent lives of families that this young man took and for his and other young men's lives that are tainted and fucked up because of the unspeakable crimes against humanity they are forced to take part in. I am a mom. My son is 22. I feel the pain.

The casualty list climbs. 3,801

23 year old Cpl. Anthony K. Bento was killed by insurgents. He left a wife and a baby.
24 year old Sgt. Zachary Tomczak was on his 4th tour of duty when he was killed.
( See America's Forgotten. )

It took years and years and years for me to get much information out of the guys I knew who served in Vietnam. It's 30 years later and I am only getting drips and drabs of the horror. Many nice boys with great potential were drafted, went to war and came back fucked up. They wouldn't even speak of it. The media tells us today that our Vietnam troops were vilified by Americans when they returned. That is a fucking lie. The few who tried to speak out were vilified by the powers that be and still are.

My dad's WWII generation, rarely spoke of what really happened in the war except for "cool war stories." There were millions of them who just kept their mouths shut for years and years - many taking to their graves the horrors they witnessed. The few that are left are only now beginning to talk as they near the end of their lives. I forgive all the fucked up daddies of my friends when we were growing up. We didn't know.

Maybe, just maybe, if America's warriors would speak up and we would listen, there would be no more wars. (See "The War" on PBS)

Congress wasted no time wasting their time by vilifying MoveOn's ad in the NY Times for criticizing a General. Big deal. Rush Limbaugh who probably has more listeners than the NY Times has readers, called our troops who speak out against the war, Phony Soldiers. I'm sick. Will he be vilified publicly?

What is the message here?
Just go and kill people and shut the fuck up.

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