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Monday, September 3

where have all the congress gone?

Fellow travelers,
This has been, weather-wise, a glorious weekend in the NYC Metropolitan area. It's been cool for a change. The sky is blue! Here's hoping that you all had some good weather too and had time to relax or play a little bit (before the shit hits the fan once again). Some poor shark scared swimmers at a beach here and then the swimmers scared it to death.

It is with great sadness that I have read stories about the US bombing the shit out Tehran in the coming days or weeks. In fact there is talk in DC about taking out the entire Iran military in three days. Things are locked and loaded for a huge airstrike- probably because there aren't enough ground troops to go in there- and American troop deaths kind of put a damper on things.

Israel warns that if the US doesn't attack, that they will. Goodie. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported that Iran's uranium enrichment has slowed, but naturally there are people who say that it's a bunch of bull. Where have I heard that before? Hey let's slander and vilify the IAEA people personally. I would point out however, that the IAEA was correct on their assessment of Iraq leading up to that clusterfuck- but who the hell cares what we the people think. There are people who say that Iranians are killing our troops in Iraq. Maybe so, but what the hell did they expect? Oh wait, they did expect that to happen- that was part of the plan since Iran was on the US radar all along.

If you take a look at Mr Bush's speech to veterans last week, you can see that all the war rhetoric is firmly in place and the propaganda is flowing faster than a speeding bullet. Now we have to fear Shia extremism too he says. He goes on to say that he is protecting the American people from danger here at home and that's why we took the battle there (where the oil is). It's always better to bomb the shit out of another country than your own. How can anyone who knows what great profits have been reaped by corporate cronies like Halliburton, etc can really believe the reasons for more war? And it's not even like American workers are making fabulous salaries since the war began. Hell, people can't even pay their mortgages anymore. The only people making money are the already rich. So much for those who tell me that war is good for the economy. Maybe it once was, but it isn't now.

The Brits pulled out of Basra today. Some "coalition of the willing."

Gee I hope that our Congress is having a nice holiday. NOT. They ought to be flying back to DC at this moment totally furious. It makes you wonder, when they take the oath to uphold the constitution, if they have actually read and studied it. Is that a requirement? It should be.

Meanwhile, Bush made a surprise visit to Iraq today in order to boost support from I don't know who to stay there.

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