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Friday, September 7

Welcome to America

Where the government can:
Tell you what you can watch,
Tell you what you can listen to;
Tell you what you can read;
Tell you what religion you must accept;
Take your property without your consent;
Enter and search your property or your person without due process;
Detain you for indefinite periods upon (their) suspicion that you MAY be a terror
suspect or know someone who knows someone who thinks that someone may
be a terrorist – but allow men whose wives have filed for Protection From Abuse
to freely walk the streets;
Require that deadbeat Dads (or Moms) pay support for their legitimate offspring
but then not enforce that law;
Tell you with whom you can sleep;
Tell you that you can’t use contraceptives and that you must have children if you
have sex with your spouse;
Tell you what position or positions you can and can’t have sex in;
Tell you that sentient life begins at the moment of conception and must be
protected with all rights; then refuse medical, financial or any help or support for
the mother, father or child AFTER a fetus is born because it will tax the system
too much;
Tell women what they can do with their own bodies;
Tell women that they can’t abort a fetus even if the woman’s life is in danger
because a MAN made that determination;
Allow you to commit crimes and not be punished if you are a Conservative
Allow the liable and/or slander of any liberal if you are a conservative media host;
Allow unsubstantiated stories to be reported as fact if you work for a conservative
newspaper, radio or television station;
Promote hate in the name of a Christian Deity;
Imprison a bartender if he serves too many drinks to a stupid person who then
causes a death or injury operating a vehicle – But not litigate against a
firearms manufacturer for providing guns to kill people;
Rule that if you kill someone you could go to jail for as little as 5 years – but rape
will get you 25 years to life;
Rule that if you commit a sex crime and do your time you’ll still be branded a
potential criminal for life by having to register with local authorities so they can
tell the neighborhood you ARE a convicted sex offender – but not require that
police inform you that a convicted murderer may live next door;
Sterilize female repeat drug offenders and as they deem necessary, unfit
mothers - but only chastise male rapists because the “woman asked for it” and
men need sex;
Pay a man more money than a woman to do the same job;
Allow business execs to steal millions from workers retirement accounts and be
exonerated but can get you hunted down and jailed for stealing food – no, wait,
that was Jean val Jean, but of course it doesn’t apply to CEOs;
Rule that if you run up huge medical bills and not be able to pay them you can
NOT be able to declare bankruptcy to start fresh while airline company’s loot
pension plans, declare bankruptcy and the government forgives their debts;
Rule that if you suffer a catastrophic medical condition at the hands of an inept
physician that you only be allowed a pittance in compensation in order to
reduce frivolous lawsuits while politician’s wives (Santorum’s) sue chiropractors for some
pain from a back treatment the wives knew to be potentially harmful;
Allow you to bring home a dead fetus for some macabre ritual if you are a fanatic
religious U.S. Senator and keep it in a jar but not allow you to bury your dead on
your own property;
Lie to the public and Congress such that the president can start a war based on
those lies to help fill the coffers of his wealthy friends;
Rule that you must pay a fine or go to jail for littering while big corporations
pollute rivers and the air with toxins and carcinogens and continue unpunished;
Allow you to have the right to free speech as long as it’s away from gathering
crowds or as long as it doesn’t conflict with any administration views;
Tell you that freedom should be limited…for those not in power;
Tell you that laws don’t pertain TO those in power;
Tell you that you have the right to life and the pursuit of happiness as long as you
can pay for it unless you’re upper middle class and in debt, then you can get
help to reduce your debts because you’ve “over-extended”; but you can’t get
help if you’re poor because you can’t manage your money properly;
Tell you that you DON’T have the right to liberty because of national security;
Tell you that you no longer have any right to privacy because of national security;
Allow credit companies to ruin your future while charging outrageous interest
even though the Constitution expressly forbids extreme usury, and at the same
time the protect those same credit companies from public suits by
“harmed” consumers;
Change laws and penalties to reflect differently on portions of society
that are well off;
Treat you differently because you’re black, brown, red or yellow skinned even
though the law says differently;
Treat you differently because you’re a woman;
Treat you differently because of your ethnic background;
Treat you differently because of where you live;
Treat you differently because of your job;
Treat you differently because of your intelligence or ability to function in life;
Treat you differently because of your political affiliation;
Treat you differently because of your sexual preferences;
Refuse to help you because you are handicapped in any way;
Refuse to feed the hungry because there is no hunger in America;
Refuse to make employers pay a minimum livable wage to Americans but allow
illegal aliens to work for big businesses at below minimum wage and health
Allow you to work over 40 hours per week for minimal wages with no benefits,
many times in dangerous conditions;
Refuse to help you or help feed you or your family if you are chronically
unemployed because of job outsourcing;
Pay farmers NOT to grow food because that may cause an excess of food that
would drive prices down and hurt big business;
Refuse to help the homeless because the homeless want it that way and don’t
want to help themselves;
Increase taxes for the majority of middle and lower class workers while at the
same time give massive tax breaks to large businesses;
Allow religious organizations tax breaks and public partisan political views while
disallowing dissenting opinions;
Require your relatives, after your death, to pay any expenses that you may have
incurred in life but confiscate yours, your spouses or your children’s property or
wealth if it isn’t paid;
Require you to reach an arbitrary age before drinking alcohol but require military
service including the possibility of losing your life at a lesser age while serving in
that military;
Exempt dependents of Congressmen, Businessmen, Religious Leaders and
certain politicians from having to defend their country by serving in the military
and possibly subjecting them to dangerous situations;
Ignore the Constitution of the United States of America in any part or in it’s
entirety to fulfill the wishes of one man however corrupt, deceitful and
mentally deranged that man may be.

All of these things and more are yours for being an American.
You must remember that according to the current Government of the United States of America,that while you have NO say in whatever it wants to do, you are obligated to do what ever it says.
I’ll leave you with a quote from Henry Kissinger:
The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer.
Henry Kissinger NYT Oct 28,1973
Welcome to America!

by Father Tyme

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