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Thursday, September 6

Today's Great Read

Vanity Fair's Going After Gore by Evgenia Peretz will probably get your blood boiling. It's not a secret that the MSM distorted his words, accused him of lying, said he was boring and had a direct effect on how the public saw him. Oh they thought they were being cute by writing such things about Al Gore and amused themselves by writing about what a folksy dude was George Bush, the guy you'd want to have a drink with, yet not bothering to mention that he was an alcoholic and party boy until he was 40. Sure he was sociable, but was that what this country needed after years of a blow job scandal? An affable idiot? Sure, why not, said the press... he would be fun to write about because he was charming and Al Gore was not.

It was all a game for reporters who wanted to make their mark. They bolstered each other's prejudices. The so-called liberal media made mince meat out of Gore. When heaven forbid some news about Bush's checkered past was made known, the pundits rushed in to remind us of what a bore Al Gore was. Bush's handlers were prepared for everything, much like they are now.

The article is not about Gore complaining about the media though. You just can't read it and not be reminded of the utter idiocy that amuses the media and blame them for steering popular opinion the wrong way time and time again.
Look where it's gotten us?
You still have people who believe that Iraq and 9/11 go together.
What was it about Bush that made him "christian" other than him saying that he was?
Who's pushing for a decent explanation of what happened on 9/11? It seems like the reporters of the MSM are stenographers, not journalists.
Why did the anthrax letters go to liberals and not neocons?
Who was against the war on Iraq in the MSM? Why I'll bet that the graphic artists at news bureaus are already planning their graphics for the war on Iran.

There is an idiot running our country now. He is fueled by some of the most despicable characters in world history. Thank you "journalists." Not. It was their job to see through the bullshit, not to offer contrasting opinions and let the people decide. Greedy people posing as journalists only cared about keeping their jobs and not exposing the lies and propaganda. Sure, it must be fun to write scary pieces about terrorists and quote bush telling Americans, "al Qaida wants to kill YOU." Why hasn't anyone asked Mr Bush, "Why doesn't al Qaida want to kill you, since your policies are what pisses them off? Not mine."

I see it all happening again. It's pretty obvious who runs the media, isn't it?

But do read the story if you have time. It's really about Al Gore and what people should know about the lies that still persist.

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