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Friday, September 21

The Senate Condemned the MoveOn Ad

72 Senators voted to condemn the actions of MoveOn.

It appears to me that the democrats don't care about their base. Bush's base didn't elect them, for gawd's sake.
How arrogant they are! This is how they support the troops- by leaving them in Iraq?
Did they forget why they were elected?

Paul Begala has a nice piece in Huffington Post listing many instances where the Republicans blasted the military service of many a Democrat- where was the senate vote to condemn their actions?

UPDATE: Everything backfired. See Americablog's post Bush raises half a million for MoveOn
From Move On:

By midnight, over 12,000 people had donated $500,000—more than we've raised any day this year—for our new ad calling out the Republicans who blocked adequate rest for troops headed back to Iraq.

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