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Monday, September 10

right-wingers are so very dull

The big story in the LA Times: Study finds left-wing brain, right-wing brain

This is only an article about the study so there is not a lot of detail, but looking at the overall picture, it only reaffirms what most of us liberals have already figured out without even having to get degrees in psychology- liberals are more open to new experiences and ideas than conservatives are. This is probably, in my opinion, why conservatives are so very unappealing to liberals. They are boring and frustrating. But ignorance is bliss as they say.

"Left wing brains" are really folks who use their right brains more fully in conjunction with their left brains. (You need to use the left brain in order to not kill yourself.) "Right wing brains" don't care as much for the emotional baggage of the right brain and tend to mostly engage the left side of their brains- just the facts, sir. So they are less prone to depression.

The very idea of sticking to a particular ideology (no matter what) strikes me as particularly closed minded (which is a personality shortcoming unless you are a war profiteer or pastor of a mega-church) and scientifically speaking, it actually is. This is because conservatives are left brained to a fault. They don't ponder the big picture, they are not empathetic and are pretty unemotional, they prefer to keep more than they give, they use talking points so that when you speak to many conservatives, their opinions are mostly similar and they are more apt to avoid reality- this is probably why they seem happier than liberals- and why liberals get so angry at them. Using a play book for living life is anathema to right brained liberals. Where's the juice in that?

There is no liberal agenda. There can't be. It makes no sense to accuse liberals of having an agenda... but sense is not a strong point of conservative ideology. Sense to conservatives amounts to cents and that which is tangible and measurable.
Can the twain ever meet?
Can you teach compassion?

More information can be found:
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