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Saturday, September 1

Once, in a land far, far away...

I was having one of those childhood arguments that became more and more verbally abusive. I shouted at my opponent, "Fuck you". He shouted back, "Fuck you and your sister". Whereupon I screamed, "I don't have a sister. Fuck you and your whole damn family". With that in mind, check out the lead paragraphs of this article from Yahoo News:

"The campaign poster was blatant in its xenophobic symbolism: Three white sheep kicking out a black sheep over a caption that read "for more security." The message was not from a fringe force in Switzerland's political scene but from its largest party.
"The nationalist Swiss People's Party is proposing a deportation policy that anti-racism campaigners say evokes Nazi-era practices. Under the plan, entire families would be expelled if their children are convicted of a violent crime, drug offenses or benefits fraud."

Rest of article at Swiss deportation policy draws criticism.

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