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Sunday, September 30

NY Woman misses her flight home - freaks out - is hand cuffed - put in holding cell - and DIES

OMFGoddess above!!!!

I know I don't have all the facts - I really hope they have all of this on tape. I'm sure they must.

I think I can relate. I don't fly much, but as a mother of three, if I missed a flight back home (it was still outside the gate ready to go) I know for sure I would be totally irate and be doing a really good freaky deaky dance/jig in the airport. I can just see myself reacting like her. THEN -- throw some handcuffs on me and really watch me lose it.

I don't know. We'll have to see how this unfolds. Supposedly she may have possibly choked herself trying to get the handcuffs over her head.

WHY on earth would you leave a woman in this state alone. Don't you think these "holding cells" would have a two-way mirror? Did they actually just throw her in there, shut the door, and walk away?


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