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Thursday, September 27

Is He Crazy?

Maputo Archbishop Francisco Chimoio, the head of the Catholic Church in Mozamibique is doing much to set Africa back. He claims that some European made condoms are deliberately infected with the HIV virus- an effort to finish off the Africans once and for all. His logic is flawed. Sure, not having sex is a good way to avoid HIV, but this is the real world.

Archbishop Chimoio told our reporter [BBC} that abstention, not condoms, was the best way to fight HIV/Aids.

"Condoms are not sure because I know that there are two countries in Europe, they are making condoms with the virus on purpose," he alleged, refusing to name the countries.

"They want to finish with the African people. This is the programme. They want to colonise until up to now. If we are not careful we will finish in one century's time."
About 500 people a day are infected with HIV in Mozambique.

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