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Tuesday, September 11

Hey It's the Anniversary of 9/11

And it looks like the terrorists won. I'm really disappointed because I felt that the American spirit would prevail and that the bad guys would be eating sand and drinking crude by now. Silly me.

Where do we stand 6 years later? The government is using the Osama bin Laden play book and keeping al Qaida in business. Oh don't believe the hype by Petraeus- al Qaida will be back in Anbar Province shortly. They only pulled out to give the illusion that the surge was working so the Americans would stay there.

The Guardian reports that yet another bin Laden video will be released today. If these are really OBL videos, what the hell is he doing alive?

America's Mayor is quoted in the St Petersburg Times:
"For me every day is an anniversary of Sept. 11," Giuliani said after reviewing emergency response equipment at the Pinellas Sheriff's Office with Attorney General Bill McCollum and Sheriff Jim Coats. "If we don't talk about Sept. 11, you can't prepare to try to avoid another Sept. 11."
Well that crock of shit comment leaves me speechless.

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