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Thursday, September 27

Does our childrens learn if they've got lead poisoning?

You can spew all the "No Children Left Behind" rhetoric you want if you're a wingnut politician, but if the kids are tainted with lead, you are fighting an uphill battle. More than 600,000 toys recalled

The very same politicians are all for de-regulation of their corporate cronies and try to take credit for the "fabulous" economy because Americans can buy all sorts of really cheap stuff and the stockholders reap a nice profit. I kind of like corporate regulations. If left to their own devices, corporate America doesn't care if you are poisoned or harmed- lawmakers don't give a shit as long as they get contributions.

I have a suggestion for Americans. Don't buy junk made in China- even if it's got a "designer" label or an American name. Research. Beware.

And doesn't it just blow your mind when you think back to when we were kids and we were constantly warned about the big bad commies? Why the hell are we doing business with them?

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