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Friday, September 28

Did You Know . . .

That there' s a pro-peace march tomorrow in Washington, DC? No?

The communists know.

The anarchists know.

The rest of the American population? Not so much.

Can't find a single mention of it in the MSM, nor, with one exception, among the so-called A-list bloggers. I only happen to know about it because TBFKA Mimus Pauly and I saw a few people wearing stickers advertising it at the last march two weeks ago. And I live just across the river!

Anyone want to wager on the turnout? Will the same thousand people show up again? Will the MSM show the guy in the Santa Claus suit again, so they can avoid talking about the majority of the crowd who look way more like me? So they can continue to marginalize and denigrate the pro-peace movement? So they can continue to suggest that 10,000 or 20,000 pro-peace marchers are the equivalent of 500 or so pro-death screechers in the uber-patriotic get up?

I'm not going. I'm done with all that. If silence is consent, then so be it. When a million or more people are ready to get up off their fat asses and stop the killing, gimme a call. Until then, I'm sitting on my big fat ass with the rest of 'em.

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