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Wednesday, September 26

Deep Thoughts by Atrios

I got a kick out of Atrios' deep thoughts yesterday.

1. It'll be so awesome if we elect Rudy Giuliani president, because then we could celebrate 9/11 every day!

2. If Rudy! is elected president we can mint a special coin worth exactly $9.11.
It'll double as tokens to his fundraisers, of course.

3. If Rudy is elected president, then every year we can sing 9/11 carols around the 9/11 tree.

4. If Rudy is elected president Independence Day will be moved to 9/11. And there will be fireworks!

5. If Rudy is elected president we can rename apple pie as "9/11 pie" and apple pie a la mode as "9/11 pie with a side of Iraqi freedom."

It's so embarrassing. A Long Islander.
What I do find amusing is that Rudy doesn't pull this 9/11 nonsense in this neck of the woods. People would throw rotten fruit at him.

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